NetScaler Latest Updates

NetScaler Latest Updates

What is Citrix Netscaler?

Citrix NetScaler, now known as Citrix ADC (Application Delivery Controller), is a comprehensive application delivery and load balancing solution provided by Citrix Systems. It is designed to optimize the delivery, security, and availability of applications over networks, regardless of their location or end-user device.

Netscaler Features ?

1. Load Balancing: NetScaler/ADC distributes network traffic across multiple servers or resources to optimize performance and ensure high availability. It balances the workload by intelligently directing requests to the most appropriate server based on factors like server health, capacity, and response time.

2. Application Acceleration: It utilizes techniques such as caching, compression, and connection multiplexing to accelerate application performance and reduce response times. This improves user experience and overall application efficiency.

3. Application Security: NetScaler/ADC provides a range of security features to protect applications against common threats. It includes features like web application firewall (WAF), SSL/TLS offloading, DDoS protection, and access control policies to safeguard applications from attacks and unauthorized access.

4. Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB): With GSLB, NetScaler/ADC enables the distribution of traffic across multiple geographically dispersed data centers. It directs users to the closest or most suitable data center based on factors such as network conditions, server availability, and user proximity.

5. Secure Remote Access: NetScaler/ADC offers secure remote access to applications and desktops through features like SSL VPN (Virtual Private Network) and clientless access. It enables remote users to securely access corporate resources from any location, using any device.

6. Traffic Optimization: The solution optimizes network traffic by prioritizing critical applications, performing

compression and caching techniques, and managing bandwidth usage. This helps improve performance and reduce bandwidth costs.

Type of NetScaler Hardware Models

👉 NetScaler MPX: NetScaler MPX is a physical form factor that provides robust hardware-based application delivery and load balancing capabilities. It offers high-performance web application security features and supports SSL offloading, which helps offload resource-intensive SSL/TLS encryption and decryption tasks from backend servers.

👉 NetScaler SDX: NetScaler SDX is a hardware appliance that enables the deployment of multiple virtual instances of NetScaler on a single device. It introduces fully isolated multi-tenant support, allowing for the consolidation of multiple load balancers and application workloads. With NetScaler SDX, organizations can optimize resource utilization and achieve greater efficiency in their application delivery infrastructure.

👉 NetScaler FIPS Models: NetScaler offers specific hardware models that comply with the Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 140-2 certification. These models meet the stringent security requirements and compliance mandates of high-security businesses and organizations. FIPS-certified NetScaler appliances provide additional assurance and cryptographic security for sensitive data and communications.

Type of NetScaler Software Models

1. NetScaler VPX: NetScaler VPX is a virtual form factor that allows you to deploy NetScaler capabilities as a virtual appliance on your preferred hypervisor. It provides high-performance SSL processing without requiring specialized hardware acceleration. NetScaler VPX is suitable for virtualized environments where hardware appliances may not be feasible or cost-effective. It offers features like load balancing, content switching, SSL offloading, application acceleration, and security features such as web application firewall (WAF) and DDoS protection

2. NetScaler CPX: NetScaler CPX is a containerized form factor designed specifically for containerized applications. It provides load balancing and traffic management capabilities for applications running in Docker containers. NetScaler CPX instances can be deployed as standalone containers on a Docker host, enabling you to integrate advanced application delivery services within your containerized environment. It offers features such as Layer 7 load balancing, SSL/TLS termination, content switching, and application security.

NetScaler BLX: NetScaler BLX is a bare metal form factor that runs as a Linux process directly on your chosen hardware. It is a lightweight software package that does not require a hypervisor or container overhead, resulting in high-performance delivery of application services. NetScaler BLX is suitable for environments where dedicated hardware is available and preferred. It offers features like load balancing, SSL offloading, content switching, caching, and application security

NetScaler for Public Cloud: NetScaler can be deployed in public cloud environments such as AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. It provides similar functionality to the other NetScaler models but is specifically designed for cloud deployments. You can acquire NetScaler licenses from the respective cloud marketplaces or bring your own licenses (BYOL). NetScaler for public cloud allows you to extend your application delivery and security services to the cloud, providing consistent application performance, scalability, and security across hybrid environments.