Software Center Can not Be Loaded

Software Center Can not Be Loaded

When encountering the error message “Software Center cannot be loaded” in SCCM (System Center Configuration Manager), there are several solutions you can try:

  1. Reinstall SCCM Client:
    • Sometimes, the Software Center gets corrupted. Reinstalling the SCCM client agent often resolves issues.
    • To do this:
      • Uninstall the ConfigMgr client agent on the affected computer.
      • Manually install the client agent on the same computer.
    • This process can help fix most issues related to “Software Center cannot be loaded”.
  2. Repair ConfigMgr Client:
    • Run the ccmrepair.exe utility located at C:\windows\ccm\ccmrepair.exe.
    • Execute it as an administrator to repair the Software Center.
  3. Check Software Center Dependencies:
    • Verify that all required components and dependencies for the Software Center are intact.
    • Ensure that any necessary prerequisites are installed on the computer.
  4. Troubleshoot Using Log Files:
    • Review the SCCM log files located in C:\Windows\CCM\Logs:
Software Center Can not Be Loaded-1

Software Center Can not Be Loaded

Run the below script if in PowerShell if your have an above error message:-


if (Test-Path HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\SMS) {           

    $acl = (Get-ACL HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\SMS)           

    # SetAccessRuleProtection(bool isProtected, bool preserveInheritance)           

    # Allow inheritance           


    # Enumerate all Access rules that are not inherited           

    # GetAccessRules(bool includeExplicit, bool includeInherited, type targetType)}           

    $acl.GetAccessRules($true,$false,[System.Security.Principal.NTAccount]) | ForEach-Object -Process {           

        # RemoveAccessRule(System.Security.AccessControl.RegistryAccessRule rule)           

        $acl.RemoveAccessRule($_) | Out-Null           


    # Set the ACL           

    try {           

        Set-Acl HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\SMS -AclObject $acl -ErrorAction Stop           

    } catch {           

        Write-Warning -Message “Failed to restore inherited ACL from parent because $($_.Exception.Message)”           



Software Center Can not Be Loaded-2
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