Latest Citrix Cloud Interview Questions and Answers


1) What is the role of the Citrix Cloud Connector in a Citrix Cloud deployment?

  • The Citrix Cloud Connector serves as a channel for communication between Citrix Cloud and your resource locations, enabling cloud management without requiring any complex networking or infrastructure configuration. Basically, the Citrix Cloud Connectors are responsible for being the communication liaison between the Citrix Cloud control plane and your resources.

2) What physical location should the Citrix Cloud Connector be placed in your architecture?

  • The Citrix Cloud Connector machines must be installed in each resource location and joined to the customer domain.

3) List at least two ways you can configure a Cloud Connector address on a VDA?

  • Policy-based (GPO)
  • Registry-based (manual, GPP, specified during VDA installation)
  • Active Directory OU-based (legacy OU discovery)
  • MCS-based (personality.ini)

4) Name some technologies you would use to optimize user profiles in your Citrix Cloud deployment?

  • Citrix UPM with WEM, FSLogix, Liquidware, etc.

5) Give some examples of where you can place resource locations?

  • A resource location can be anywhere you need it: in a public cloud (ie. Azure, GCP, AWS), private cloud, or an on-premises datacenter.

6) What components are Citrix responsible for maintaining, in the Citrix Cloud?

  • Citrix Delivery Controller
  • Citrix Studio & Director
  • Citrix Licensing Server
  • Citrix SQL database’s
  • Storefront & Gateway (Optional)

7) Resource locations contain the resources required to deliver services to your subscribers. Name some of the resources in a resource location?

  • Citrix Cloud Connector
  • Master Images
  • Citrix UPM Profile Server (Optional)
  • Citrix WEM (Optional)
  • PVS (Optional)

8) What does the Citrix access layer consist of?  

  • Storefront
  • Gateway / Netscaler

9) Discuss a scenario where you would want to keep your Access layer on-premises.  

  • You are migration and want the users to use the exact same Gateway URL to access your resources.
  • You have specific Storefront customization you want to implement.
  • Corporate security policy requirements
  • You want to use MFA (in a native Cloud deployment)

10) What profile management solution would you use, knowing O365 was part of your delivery for Citrix Virtual & Desktops on Citrix Cloud and budget was an issue?

  • Microsoft FSLogix would be a great option, FSLogix was built for 0365 and is free in most cases.

Latest Citrix Cloud Interview Questions and Answers

11) What is the default Identity Provider for Citrix Cloud?  

  • Citrix provides their own built in Identity provider called Citrix Identity Provider? However, it can be replaced with either On-premises Active Directory, Active Directory plus token, Azure Active Directory, Citrix Gateway or Okta.

12) What is a Primary Resource Location?

  • A primary resource location is a resource location that you designate as “most preferred” for communications between your domain and Citrix Cloud.

13) What Citrix (security) product uses machine learning to sense, analyze and help prevent malicious user behavior from causing harm to your organization?

  • Citrix Analytics provides user behavior analytics and proactive secure insights for Citrix users, wherever they may be.

14) What Cloud service category would Citrix Cloud fall under between, IaaS, PaaS or SaaS?

  • Citrix Cloud is considered a PaaS solution.

15) List some benefits of using a PaaS solution for application/desktop delivery?

  • Faster release cycles.
  • Better code quality with enhanced security.
  • Improved administrative and management efficiency.
  • Increased operations productivity, realized during major transitions, upgrades, design changes, and migrations.
  • Simplification of design, including for disaster recovery (and especially for the Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops service)

16) Your task as a Citrix architect is to migrate an on-premises Citrix environment to Citrix Cloud. Your company would like to use Azure for the Resource Location. You are currently using PVS to provision your servers. Do you need to do anything different to move to the Citrix Cloud?

  • Yes, you will need to convert your delivery method to use MCS, since PVS is not supported in native public cloud architectures.

17) What port and direction would you need to open for the Citrix Connector(s) to operate?

  • The Cloud Connector requires outbound connectivity on port 443. Generally, the Cloud Connector should have no inbound ports accessible from the Internet.

18) What Citrix website would you use to create a project plan and get step by step instructions for delivering a Citrix Cloud solution?

  • Citrix Cloud Success Center or Success.Citrix.Com.

19) Citrix offers the Cloud Success Program, which is designed to help Citrix Cloud Customers direct access to a team of experts who will guide every step of your Citrix Cloud journey by sharing leading practices, helping you drive user adoption and helping you realize greater value. How much does this program cost extra?

  • The Citrix Cloud Success Program is included in your subscription cost. Therefore, it does not cost anything extra.

20) How do you update the Citrix version example, 7.15 to 7.19 in the Citrix Cloud?

  • Citrix handles all the platform upgrades when using Citrix Cloud, you don’t have to worry about platform upgrades.

Latest Citrix Cloud Interview Questions and Answers

when registering for Citrix Cloud?

  • United States. The only options are the United States, European and Asia Pacific South. You as the customer must choose a region that maps to where most users and resources are located.

22) Name three benefits of using Citrix Cloud (Any of the following are acceptable).

  • You no longer must support nor pay for Microsoft SQL backend.
  • The infrastructure components are automatically upgraded to latest Citrix versions.
  • You can easily manage multiple resource locations from one single unified management plane.
  • Consolidated licensing and license management.
  • Minimized downtime
  • Shifting expenses from capex to opex.
  • Less complex DR and business continuity.
  • Security and compliance
  • Reduced time to production.
  • automatic software upgrades and patching.
  • You can easily manage multiple resource locations from one single unified management plane.
  • Reduced maintenance and support costs.
  • You don’t have to support control plane

23) You have multiple domains serving users in your Citrix environment. You have two Cloud Connectors created in one of the domains. Is this sufficient for all of the users to access your Citrix Cloud environment?

No. Cloud Connectors cannot traverse domain-Level trusts. For each separate domain, you will need to install Cloud Connectors


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